Ingrid Rothe is a brand and marketing strategist and founder of Vivid Thinking. Vivid Thinking is a brand and marketing strategy agency focused on partnering with small, micro and start-up businesses, to get their brand thinking right, to uniquely differentiate them from their competitors, and to help them develop marketing plans that will deliver on their business objectives. Ingrid has translated, redeveloped, and scaled down corporate marketing methodologies, and made them accessible and affordable for regionally based small businesses. In 2016 Ingrid launched the DIY Marketing Toolbox focused on skills transfer where micro-small business owners learn – hands-on, in real-time, using cloud-based (often free) tools – the skills to cost-effectively successfully DIY to a professional standard. Going on to win the Armidale Business Chamber and the New England North West Region 2016 Awards for Excellence in Innovation, going on to represent Armidale at the State level. For Ingrid, marketing is not about selling products or services, rather it’s about telling brand stories with heart.

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