Jen Scanlan is a qualified proofreader, editor and copywriter. She owns Heights Proofreading and helps writers and organisations to communicate with clarity and consistency. Jen has a strong focus on supporting writers, whether they are published authors or first-timers, to achieve their writing goals. Jen was an English, History and Visual Arts teacher and is interested in editing devotional, historical and artistic works. Education continues to be her passion. She works with schools and universities to achieve the highest standards of writing. Jen is competent to perform comprehensive, high-quality copyediting of academic, corporate and government documents. She enjoys editing picture books and preparing teachers’ notes for publication. In her capacity as a writer, she has had several short stories published and contributed to a regular column for the Hawkesbury Courier. Jen views small business as a handshake, a process where each gives the other a hand up. She is happy to join Vivid Minds. Vivid Futures in supporting local business.

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